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Re: [MOL] Carla Dedication

A song for you:  "Devil or Angel"......I figured there wasn't an ice cream like that; but just did not want to burst your bubble and wanted to see how many others fell for it.  A good many huh, you couldn't stand it, could you?  Really a bummer when no one understands your joke!   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

ken naehring wrote:

 I am just on for a minute... was hoping to see where you made the announcement that I was caught and there was no such thing as soya/tofu Graeters Ice Cream!!!   I was in pure heaven last night when I ate that!!  They even make their own chocolate to go in their ice cream!!  ohhh...soooo good!!  Oh well, since I busted myself, I thought I would let you know that I am fine and will write more later tonight!!  Love you, Carla