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Re: [MOL] Complimentary Treatments

Dear Leah, 
I am so very sorry to hear about the death of your husband. A cancer
diagnosis is always a shock, but how much more so with a seemingly
healthy young man, and bringing death so quickly. If you have read many
of the posts in this forum you will know that we are strong advocates of
using the best of what both traditional and alternative medicine can
offer, and it is very generous of you to offer to share these resources
with those who may benefit from them. 

But in your pain, dear friend, please do not add to your grief by
second-guessing the decisions made in your husbands care. Maybe you
could have done something different that would have been helpful --
maybe not. You will never know, and no purpose is served in wondering
"if." You, your husband, and your drs. made the best choices you could
under difficult circumstances, and I believe that God calls us when it's
our time -- not before, and not after. It's just that the timing
*always* stinks for those of us who are left behind.

Leah, I don't know if you are subscribed to the Mol forum or not, but
here you will find cancerers and those who love them, all in different
stages of the journey, all willing to extend a hand and offer a shoulder
as you go through this difficult time. Here you are welcome to vent,
cry, laugh, and share in this great adventure called life, with a loving
groups of folks who care, and who understand. My prayers are with you.
Love, Joicy

Leah Borda wrote:
> My husband was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma back in November
> '97.  It was diagnosed when what we thought was pneumonia turned out to
> be a pleural effusion.  Because he was only 28 years old and in
> otherwise extraordinary health at the time and his BHCG hormone was
> elevated his oncologists decided to take a very aggressive approach with
> chemotherapy treating not only for lung cancer but for testicular which
> was a longshot.  He began a very hard cycle of cisplatin, bleomycin and
> VP-16.  He had a pleurectomy, a thoracotomy and after two full rounds of
> chemo they decided to try a pneumonectomy.  After all this treatment
> over only 5 months we found that the cancer had spread to his spine and
> shoulders so he then began radiation therapy.  He ended up in the
> hospital receiving transfusions because his bone marrow had been through
> so much it could not longer produce red blood cells or platelets.  He
> passed away in May after a seven month battle when his heart gave out
> because his pressure was so low and his pulse so high, at the very young
> age of 29.
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