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Re: [MOL] Joke Cathy

Paula, you know I have hidden candy, etc in my underwear drawer to keep
it from my kids, but if I hide it well enough for them not to find it, I
always forget where it is!! (recently found some old hidden Halloween
candy, too stale to even enjoy, sigh...guess I was "saved," hunh? LOL!
Love, Joicy

Appleton wrote:
> Cathy - of course we can!  I am about ready, however, to turn in my jeans
> for elastic waistbands :-)   From a not so much recovering Little Debbie
> (and other such items) addict, Paula
> PS  I find if you hide them in an underwear drawer, they don't have as many
> calories (Sorry, Marty, I know this is hurting you!!! :-)  If you grow up
> in a large family, you HAVE to hide the snacks or you are just OUT OF
> LUCK!!!!!
> Love you guys Paula
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