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[MOL] Complimentary Treatments

My husband was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma back in November
'97.  It was diagnosed when what we thought was pneumonia turned out to
be a pleural effusion.  Because he was only 28 years old and in
otherwise extraordinary health at the time and his BHCG hormone was
elevated his oncologists decided to take a very aggressive approach with
chemotherapy treating not only for lung cancer but for testicular which
was a longshot.  He began a very hard cycle of cisplatin, bleomycin and
VP-16.  He had a pleurectomy, a thoracotomy and after two full rounds of
chemo they decided to try a pneumonectomy.  After all this treatment
over only 5 months we found that the cancer had spread to his spine and
shoulders so he then began radiation therapy.  He ended up in the
hospital receiving transfusions because his bone marrow had been through
so much it could not longer produce red blood cells or platelets.  He
passed away in May after a seven month battle when his heart gave out
because his pressure was so low and his pulse so high, at the very young
age of 29.  I would suggest anyone with a similar diagnosis give some
very serious thought to complimentary treatments that do not damage the
body.  We tried several things but the chemo made his stomach so upset
he couldn't really swallow much aside from what little food we could get
into him.  Some really great things to look into are:  Essiac tea, Shark
Cartilege, Thymus, Dr. Sun's Soup, and much supplementation of selenium,
Vitamins C & E, green tea and others.  I have stores of all these things
in sealed containers because I bought them in bulk and we never got to
use them.  I would be happy to give them to anyone who would want to try
any of these treatments.  I do believe they would have helped had he
been able to really keep enough down.  He was an amazing man and would
want to help anyone who would want to try something different.  I know
these treatments can be very expensive so I would love to be able to
help someone who may not otherwise be able to fight as hard.  My e:mail
is Leah_borda@timeinc.com
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