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Re: [MOL] curious

Dear Mary Ann,

You will be seeing alot more activity...this is all part of the cancer 
awareness drive of The Harch on Washington.  Each state has its own plan 
of activities and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is one of 
the sponsors of The March.  As far as driving a BMW...well go for it!

God Bless.

John C. Montgomery wrote:
> Dear Molers, yesterday we took out son over to Indianapolis to catch a
> plane back to CA.  On the drive home - along I-70 - we came about a caravan
> of cars.  They were all BMW's of different types with the following message
> on them : "Driven to Find a Cure "  The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
> Foundation.  All of the cars except one had NJ plates on them.  Just
> wondered if anyone out there knew anything about this.  I thought I
> wouldn't mind driving one of the convertibles around Ohio for them!  Mary
> Ann
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