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You know Lillian, I have found that I don't lose weight by dieting. If I
try to diet I get so frustrated that I get hungrier than ever because I am
supposed to be denying myself. I have found that I have maintained or lost
weight since I have increased the amount of fruit I eat. That is one reason
I dry fruit. I never have time to eat breakfast before work so I keep mixed
dried fruit in my drawer at work and I eat that about mid morning along
with some dry cereal (no milk).

Liz P.

>Hey Girlfriend!  I knew I had you on that one.  Speaking of pecans, I have
>6 pecan
>tree's and what a race it is for me to get the pecans before the squirrels
>do.  I
>am just jealous of folks that can eat lard; etc., and here I am cooking
>with pam,
>cut out just about every bit of fat I could and still get fatter......some
>are sooooooooo lucky!  Your friend, Lillian

Liz P. Of Yakima

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