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RE: [MOL] Ross

Hi Carla!

Still busy here at work.  I found a "new" van that will hold all of
our family, so now we can go traveling to Minnesota as we have
been hoping.

I actually found the van while visiting my Uncle in Minnesota, who
was diagnosed with Cancer at the same time as I was.  He is not
doing very well--the chemotherapy seems to have caused scars
in his kidneys, and they are not functioning as they should. They
put a shunt in one of them, but the shunt has been getting plugged
by the scar tissues.  We had a good visit though, talking about
some things that we used to do on the farm.  If I had a lot of time
I'd like to tell a story about that, but back to werk for me!

I'm hoping to have more time following the week after Labor Day!

Thanks for writing, love,


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How are you doing??  Catching up on all of those things that you needed 
to??  Just wanted you to know that you are missed and thought about... 
 Love, Carla << File: ATT00007.html >>

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