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Dear Jim,

I enyoy your Ausie humor and I get to enjoy the wit and unique 
terminology daily as I work with a New Zelander veternarian at a cancer 
research organization in New York.  I just wanted to say that you are so 
very correct about knowledge being many times determines who 
will live and who will die in this fight against Cancer.  It is the very 
reason that the mol-cancer site was transmit 
information on new treatments, help those newly diagnosed to find the 
appropriate site to get information and, as fellow cancer survivors, to 
provide a source of hope and share our faith and humor.  We are having a 
national event in September called "The March" to raise public awareness 
about cancer and to influence the political machinery in this country to 
devote more resources to overcoming this dreaded disease that affect so 
many through out the world.

I hope that you will stay with us as one who has been touched by 
cancer and participate in this very important cause.  I am sure that, in 
the outback especially, the internet and cb radio are the life link and 
could be used to spread the power of information to many who otherwise 
would be cut off.  By the way, I have not too fond memories of the dunny 
in my youth...mostly as a scary, spider infested...not to mention smelly 
... place that I usually had to visit at night (when else do kids have to 
go!).  And, you were always in fear of that monster who lived in the pit 
who would bit those dangling jewels off!  It was a double delight in the 
winter, leaving a warm bed to sit in a cold shed!...and that ice cold 
water from the pump in the front yard was no delight to wake up to with 
the morning washing ritual!  All I have to say is thank God for indoor has been the mile mark of the dawn of a civilized society!

God Bless and I look forward to having you with us...welcome to the 

Jim Laffer wrote:
> Dear John
> Thanks for your most considered response.  I guess it is much easier for me
>  being a step or two removed from the situation as against having the
> disease. However, providing support was difficult when I was not as sure of
> the options as I am now.  I must admit having more information (thanks
> molers and the net at large) and knowing she has a doctor who is better able
> to interpret the results of the various tests and recommendations by the
> surgeon/onc has provced most helpful.  It seems to me that information is
> power and allows the person to have more control over their life, whatever
> decision they may make, rather than blindly following the directions of the
> 'professionals'.
> regards
> Jim
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