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Re: [MOL] options - - Jim

Dear Jim,

Please understand that it is not that we are afraid of the options, it is 
just so darn hard deciding what to recommend.  It has everything to do 
with individual immune system, overall health and stamina, etc.  She may 
be the spryest 80 y/o on the face of the planet, but chemo is toxic and 
can nock a fit youngster for a loop.  Everyone reacts differently to 
treatment and I think you have to be guided by what she and her physician 
think.  I think the fact that she still smokes and drinks (if I got your 
original message right) is a testimoney to her determination to "do it 
her way" and would probably turn some people off to treating someone who 
wants to keep some "vices" in life.

I would suggest that the true effects of treatment be discussed with her 
and her oncologist as well as the effect of not treating...what will the 
last days of life be like.  I would also explore what role hospice could 
be in those final days, weeks or months.  We are all going to come to the 
end of our time here and we all need to prepare for that eventuality both 
spiritually and emotionally.  That is why, once you have been touched by 
cancer, each and every day is such a precious gift from God.

I will keep you and her in my prayers.  God Bless.
Jim Laffer wrote:
> Tracy, thanks for your response and your support.  You are right, not a lot
> of response.  Perhaps its an option people prefer not to think too much
> about on MOL, or maybe, those who are considering it seek support elsewhere?
> We have found a most understanding (and I think highly skilled) doctor who
> is prepared to discuss rationally the options including pain management.  He
> will  support M whatever her decision may be.  Apart from anything else, she
> has tickets to the  Phantom of the Opera and as they about as scarce as
> hen's teeth, so she does'nt want to miss out.  This will take her more or
> less until the end on August by which time I suspect the die will be well
> and truly cast.
> Jim
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