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Re: [MOL] Vicci

Dear are so very right...although you NEVER want Auntie Lil to 
hear you say such wonderful things about her...her head is big enough! 
LOL.  I do have to admit, I miss all the pop shots she takes at we men has been too relaxing around these parts.  As soon as that old 
computer of hers gets fixed (her's still have the wires connecting little 
glass tubes!) then we are all in for it!  In the meantime lets all say a 
prayer for her dear husband who has to withstand the abuse usually 
directed at all of us...God Help Him!!!

Her loving nephew,

Liz Patterson wrote:
> Vicci,
> I think you may have read someone elses message about Lillian. Apparently
> it is computer problems that has kept  Lillian off line. I hope she isn't
> having health problems.
> Lillian is such a central figure on this forum that when I don't see
> messages from her it just doesn't seem right.
> Liz P.
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