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Re: [MOL] Mary Furfaro

My Dear Mary,

I am so sorry to hear about the spread of the cancer in Angelo.  At least 
it is comforting to know that he is not in pain.  Have you contacted a 
Hospice Program?  Is there one affiliated with the hospital?  You may 
want to enquire with the Social Service or Nursing Service.  They are 
truly wonderful in assisting all in the final days when we all have to 
pass on to God.  My prayers are with you and Angelo.  God Bless You.

Mary Furfaro wrote:
> Dear Donna,
> Angelo's cancer has spread to the chest cavity and ribs.  The bone
> scan also showed a spot on his skull.  I think that the treatments
> he has been getting are called pallative, meaning they are mostly
> for pain management, but he is in no pain.
> Angelo is taking CQ10, echinacia, activen, vitamin C, shark cartilage,
> and drinking Essiac Tea.
> God be with you, and we will pray for you.
> Love,
> Mary
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