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Re: Fwd: [MOL] Liz, acupuncture

Thanks Jeanne,
I appreciat any information that will help me get rid of the pain.
Liz P
>>Hi, Liz, I will check tomorrow with my acupuncturist who is an M.D. as
>>well. I go every week and have done since February. Very lucky here as my
>>extended medical pays for 90% of the cost and there is no time limit. This
>>doctor (trained in England) is quite unusual in her world view in my
>>opinion and we have some good discussions on some very esoteric topics. She
>>is the one who recommended Qi Gong for me and which my husband and I have
>>attended classes. These are very graceful and calming exercises and
>>beautiful to watch aa well. You can't do anything but be there. She is
>>quite plugged into the complementary medicine practitioners in the area.
>>Marty would approve of her as she is basically does not approve of the
>>"magic bullet" approach either but in lifestyle change and herbs, vitamins
>>and walking. Still, my first thought is to have your pain properly
>>diagnosed. I saw Joicy's response as well and it good to see that it worked
>>so well for her.
>>God bless, Jeanne

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