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Re: [MOL] Mary Furfaro - SRS

Hi Mary,
Don is in his second week of Radiation, so far all is well.  The Chemo was
what pulled him down, he might still need another blood transfusion.  If you
ever have any questions, just ask.  How old are you two?  Don is 73 and also
has a bad heart, and his lungs were not to strong when he had by-pass surgery
in 1993.  He has a lot of things going against him, but he is a fighter.  Our
prayers are with our MOL's always.  We also thought we'd see what was out
there after radiation if it doesn't work, and if he still has some fight left
in him, this is his journey and I back him 100% of whatever he decides to do
along the way.  We are always in contact with Dr Tom, Don's buddy, he just
retired a couple years ago, but stays on top of everything. 
Love and prayers to you and yours,
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