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Re: [MOL] Mary Furfaro - SRS

Hi Mary,
You have to research and you have to decide what you feel comfortable with.
When our Doctor friend that had a hospital in New York told us the best
Oncologist in New York never heard of this Dr. Gil Lederman, and that if the
are advertising on the Internet, his words were don't go there, they are a
form of marketers, and they are not all what they claim to be.  If it sounds
to good to be true, then it probably is.  When I called Dr Gil Lederman, it
sounded like a dozen or more people answering the phones, like a marketing
room.  I would believe our Doctor friend, because he is our true friend, and
he wants the best for Don, so we will do what he tells us to do, and that was
to stick with the Radiation here, and that for his type of Cancer there where
no Clinicals going on anywhere that he knew of.  Mary you know what we feel is
right for us, may not be what you feel is right for you, go with what your
heart tells you, sometimes your gut and your head can lead you astray.  I
think sometimes you are better off without to many choices, because after all
is said and done you can't line up all the if's, you know what I mean?  Take
care and good luck with your decision, I know how tough they can be.  Just
remember there is no right or wrong in this, cause whatever you decide to do
is right, because you have weighed it all to come to your decision.
Love and prayers to you and yours,
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