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Re: [MOL] Mary Furfaro - SRS


I say follow what your heart tells you to do.  As you know, I too had been
leaning towards SRS as first course of treatment however I opted to go with
standard radiation and chemo first to shrink my tumor.  My hope is that the
radiation and chemo will shrink the tumor on my lung so that it may be
removed.  But let me say this.  If, for some reason the tumor does not shrink
with standard radiation and chemo I have every intention of going to Staten
Island for SRS.  Remember, SRS is not a clinical trial, etc.  It has been
proven to be effective and is an acceptable form of treatment. Also, the
thoracic surgeon at Johns Hopkins (top of his field) highly recommended SRS.
He said this will be the radiation treatment of the future.  Now some doctors
may say that it is not effective. But have they had cancer? Have they been
there and done that?    I say ANY treatment that has helped anyone is worth a
try.  In my case, if I have to move on to SRS and that doesn't work, I'll move
on to something else.  I will keep moving on.  I will not give in.

These are just my thoughts.

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