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Re: [MOL] Joanne-adenocarcinoma and Jim-options

Dear joanne and jim,
My brother who is 63 was recently diagnosed with nsc/adenocarcinoma lung
cancer. He was seemingly healthy but had back pain--found fluid in his lung
which was drained and then given the diagnosis.  His is of unknown origin, in
the plural fluid, probably there a long time.  He was not given an option of
surgery or radiation, but is taking chemo every third week for four months.  
He is also debilitated, lost a ton of weight fast and has gone from "normal"
functioning to almost an invalid in a couple of months.  His is stage
111b.(out of IV).  He only had one opinion--this onc. believes he may get a
time of remission and feeling better.  That is certainly our hope.  
I wish he'd gotten a second opinion, but it all moved so fast and he was in a
great deal of pain so he didn't.
He also was a drinker-not smoker-but he has absolutely no desire to drink(or
even to eat much).
I have found this conference very helpful and also the web sites dealing with
lung cancer and treatments--my brother and his wife are more passive in their
acceptance of M.D.s diagnosis and treatment without the questions i have so I
get my needs for data here.
I have had good friends with cancer who were very aggressive in their
treatment options--making sure their diagnosis was accurate and that they were
getting the best treatment possible, using traditional and natural healing.
But that is not my brother's way and while it is very hard for me to believe
there may be additional and better ways, I have to respect that this is his
Good luck to both of you.
Sheila S.
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