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[MOL] Joanne-adenocarcinoma


My aunt has been dignosed w/ ademocarcinoma. 20 yrs. ago she had breast cancer
and a mastectomy, clean for  3 yrs. and deveolped it in the other breast,
another mastectomy, clean for 15 yrs. and they found fluid in the pleura--not
bone, not lung.  Drained the fluid, biopsied--found cancer.  She has had it
drained twince in the last 5 months.  Second time there was less fluid.  The
ONLY oncologist says chemo is the next resort, but not immediate.  She is 80
yrs. old and I suspect the oncologist is NOT aggressive b/c of her ages.

Have you heard of it in the pleura?  Prognosis?  Alternative procedures?  Any
information you can give me will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!


Lillian E. Quaranta
email: lquar1115@aol.com
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