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[MOL] Mary Furfaro - SRS

Dear Mary,

The last thing in the world I would want is to cause more confusion
about treatments for this cancering journey.  I was hoping to offer some
explanation of how wonderful Stereotactic Radiation (Gamma Knife) can be
for some people.  I do not know anything about Dr. Lederman or his
hospital or how they get the word out about the SRS.  I do know that if
you go on the internet and type in "Gamma Knife", or "stereotactic
radiation," you will find web sites for other Gamma Knife units around
the country -- and other similar SRS units-- and some of them do look
very much like advertisements.  That might be because they have computer
geeks making up the web pages -- doctors would not be very good at
producing web pages!  Anyway, the more important aspect of  your
research is how qualified is the doctor(s) recommending the procedure,
how well trained are the doctors and technical team administering the
treatment, and if the hospital is one you know is certified.  From what
I've seen on this forum, I'm not sure Staten Island University Hospital
is the place to be.  However, a teaching hospital, such as the
University of Virginia Medical Center, or M.D. Anderson, or Loma Linda,
etc., would be hospitals that specialize in cancer  treatment and could
be trusted.  The gamma knife machine at UVa is for the head only.  But
other hospitals have other units for body SRS;  you can find them on the
internet, then call them and discuss the pros and cons of having it
administered to someone with nsclc.  I know if it were my husband, I'd
want to explore all possibilities.  The final choice is yours and his to
make and you have to feel absolutely confident that you are doing the
right thing with the right medical team.   I do know that SRS is not an
advertising ploy or a gimmick -- it is a very serious method of
radiation and a very effective one.  As one doctor says, this type of
radiation is "so precise, it can nick an atom off the eyelid of a flea!"

Please let me know any other concerns you have.  This is not easy for
any of us and I admire your courage and your desire to want the very
best treatment for your husband.  He's lucky to have you doing this
research for him and I know that with your tenacity you will make the
correct decisions. 


Nonie Waller
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