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Re: [MOL] Joke!

Dear Jean...when I think back to those early days, I have to smile at 
remembering my Dad trying to explain the birds and the bees to me...he 
was so much more nervous than me!  To this day, I think I got more 
"instruction" from my friends on the street than I ever got from my 
parents at home...and as far as High School was concerned, it was so 
"clinical" that it was all clear as a fog to us!  How times have changed!

God Bless.
Thomas A Johnson wrote:
> That reminds me.  When I was a young adult, I decided that I was going to
> buy a book on sex since Mom was not forthcoming w/info.  Some guy saw me
> browsing the books in a bookstore (while my mom waited outside) and he
> offered to tell me anything I wanted to know about the subject - just
> ask.  To this day, I don't know if he was on the level or giving me a
> come-on.  Guess I was sort-of lucky to get out of there safely, huh?  By
> the way, I bought the book. ;-)  I didn't get any instruction while I was
> growing up & Tom and his siblings were just handed a book!  I hope I'm
> more capable of discussing the subject w/my kids when the time comes.
> -Jean
> On Fri, 14 Aug 1998 08:19:29 -0700 John <> writes:
> >Dear Jean,
> >
> >How elase can you read the instruction manual????
> >
> >John
> >
> >Thomas A Johnson wrote:
> >>
> >> So, John.  You do it with the lights on, huh?  You're being quite
> >candid
> >> here these days. :-)
> >> -Jean
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