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[MOL] SRS information

For Cathy and anyone else interested in SRS:

I have undergone SRS - Stereotactic Radiosurgery - at the University of
Virginia Health Care Center (Hospital) with Dr. Laudislau Steiner -- one
of the inventors of the SRS.  It is non-invasive surgery -- pinpoint
radiation and is very precise. The only negative aspect I felt during
the entire procedure was the psychological one of being screwed into a
machine and absolutely immobile for periods of about 15 minutes at a
time.  But they piped in Dubussy and I had a microphone to talk to the
doctors and technicians at all times, so it wasn't so bad.

Cathy, when your doctor told you it was "bull", your doctor was very
much in ignorance.  And for the other person who asked about the
effectiveness -- that it was too good to be true to expect a cancer cure
that was 100% effective, she is correct, also.  As with any kind of
radiation, it is only partially effective.  My experience was very
positive, but it did not eradiate the entire tumor (my tumor was wrapped
around the carotid arteries and pressing on the optic nerves and they
did not want to "nick" any of those).  But it was absolutely the correct
route to take at that time.  

When considering the possibility of SRS, there are a couple of questions
that you should ask the doctors:  

	1.  If you undergo the SRS, will this preclude any future radiation
that you may need?  (I was told that you could only tolerate the
intensity of the cobalt from SRS once in a lifetime -- this may not be
true with body SRS). 
	2.  How old is the SRS machine and how old is the cobalt?  The newer
the machine or if the cobalt has been replenished recently, the
experience is much more effective.  The cobalt was replaced in the old
machine at the UVa Hospital, so it went fairly quickly for me.

If you have any other questions, I'll be glad to answer if I can.

Nonie Waller
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