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Re: [MOL] Cathy- meeting

Dear Cathy,

I would be honored to meet you.  My next appointment at Memorial Sloan 
Kettering is October 14th...but why aren't you planning on being at our 
gathering in Yorktown in September?  I am defenitely going to be there in 
glory with all the rest of our family from mol-cancer.  If transportation is 
a problem, please let me know and I'm sure that we can make some arrangements 
...if I remember, you live in or near Trumbell??  If it is not possible to 
meet next month, then lets plan on October for sure!  I always find that 
getting together with one of us to be the greatest gift!

God Bless.

Telesco,Cathy wrote:
> John:
> I am in Connecticut and would love the opportunity to meet you the next time
> I am in the City.  It's only about a 45 minute train ride from Stamford to
> NYC.
> Cathy
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