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Re: [MOL] SRS decision/Cathy & Donna

Hi Cathy,
The top doctors in Michigan have not heard of Gil Lederman, and told us to
stay away from him and all the Doctors or medical treatments that have a web
page advertising them, because they are not what they appear to be.  One of
the Doctors that told us that is my husbands friend, now retired and did
practice in New York.  Maybe that's why his insurance company denied treatment
there, and some insurance companies can tell you what treatment they will
cover and also what Doctors you can have, and I think that sucks too!  Our
Insurance has been really good about coverage, but they will not cover any
treatments that are not FDA approved.  Good Luck!
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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<< Thanks, Carla:
 I am thinking I might print some of these posts and show them to my Dad's
 oncologist at our next consultation.  The other thing that is very
 disturbing is that when SIUH called my Dad's insurance company, Kaiser
 Permanente, to determine coverage, there response was "Domenick (my father)
 has no business seeking treatment from your hospital - coverage is denied".
 I am outraged! If they don't want to cover the treatment - that's one thing.
 But, my father has every right to seek treatment wherever he deems
 appropriate.  I have to get busy writing letters.  Kaiser is the WORST
 insurance company I know of!  Sorry, had to vent.  
 Carla, I hope all is going well with you.  You are in my prayers as well.
 Love, Cathy >>
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