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[MOL] Synthroid for thyroid

I am also on Synthroid for thyroid problems that started before cancer; so
is one of my brothers. It seems thyroid problems are quite common. My
brother says he thinks it could be linked to all the nuclear testing that
was going on in Nevada when we were kids growing up in Idaho. I don't know,
but sometimes I wonder how long it is going to take mankind to totally
destroy the earth or, at least, make it uninhabitable for human beings.


>Hi Lillian
>My husband takes Synthroid for thyroid problems that started before the
>cancer and 5FU.  He isn't experiencing much head pain, but his DR doesn't
>like the memory loss problem. Hopefully this will go away after the treatment.
>I hope this is nothing permanent.
>Thanks for the reply,

Liz P. Of Yakima

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