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Re: [MOL] 5Fu memory dificit

See, Liz, there goes the memory again! I forgot there was more to your
question! LOL! Iused to be very quick on my feet, but now have trouble
remembering words. I've always been bad with names, but never forgot a
face. Now people come up, know me, talk about things that I have no
recollection of! This is particularly embarrassing working in a field
like technology, where everything is changing so rapidly. My brain feels
like a sieve, and for the life of me, I just can't retain information
very well.

I asked my husband if he had noticed a difference since the chemo, and
he agrees it's true. It was much worse when I was actually on chemo, but
the memory never fully came back. One explanation may be hormonal. Since
the chemo threw me into early menopause, and low estrogen has been shown
to effect memory (that's one of the things hrt is said to help, is
memory), that may be part of it. But I know others who have felt they
were not as mentally sharp after chemo. Oh well...there are many things
i would just as soon forget! LOL! Love, Joicy

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Hi Joicy,
> I am not on any of those meds but since this surgery I find I am not as
> sharp as I was. I just thought it was because my brain is on overload with
> all the additional stuff I have to think about. It is like that message you
> get on the computer when you have too many programs open: "Sorry, cannot
> open that program because there is insufficient memory. Try closing some of
> the open programs."
> I can't grade papers as fast and I have to really think about each step of
> my job each day. Sometime back I asked the question "Is being dingy part of
> this journey?" and Lillian said, "Yes".
> Is the memory loss you are speaking of like that, or are you forgetting
> significant events and people?
> Your friend
> Liz
> Liz P. Of Yakima
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