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Re: [MOL] 5Fu memory dificit

Hi Joicy,
I am not on any of those meds but since this surgery I find I am not as
sharp as I was. I just thought it was because my brain is on overload with
all the additional stuff I have to think about. It is like that message you
get on the computer when you have too many programs open: "Sorry, cannot
open that program because there is insufficient memory. Try closing some of
the open programs."

I can't grade papers as fast and I have to really think about each step of
my job each day. Sometime back I asked the question "Is being dingy part of
this journey?" and Lillian said, "Yes".

Is the memory loss you are speaking of like that, or are you forgetting
significant events and people?
Your friend

Liz P. Of Yakima

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