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Re: [MOL] 5Fu memory dificit

Hi, friends, I had 5FU with cytoxin and adriamycin for treatment of
breast cancer 3 years ago, and I definitely have had memory problems
ever since, especially short term and verbal. It has been very
frustrating. I haven't found anything to document the connection, but
the change for me was dramatic. Love, Joicy

Mark & Sandi Newell wrote:
> Hi,
> This is very interesting as I have noticed a mild memory problem with my
> husband who is currently on 5FU for colon cancer. His Dr said we should try
> and keep a diary of his memory problems. He said he would do a MRI if it
> continues, but that it also can be a side effect in rare cases.
> Hope all goes well with you.
> Sandi
> At 11:00 AM 8/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Dear Anneke:  There is such a thing although rare of toxic drugs causing
> >problems with memory; however I am not sure the type chemo you have had is
> one
> >of these drugs.  I do know that chemo can be very hard on the thyroid and
> when
> >the thyroid is not working properly there is also memory loss.  Do you have
> >other symptons?  leathery skin, crusty elbows, flaky skin, iching and the
> >likes?  Pls. let me know; as I had a reaction to a drug.  Your friend,
> Lillian
> >
> >Bureau Pasform wrote:
> >
> >> I am 54 years old and have hade a chemotherapu (colon cancer) 5FU and
> >> leucovorin for half-a-year. I now suffer with serious memory deficit,
> >> almost 2 years aftere the chemotehrapy. Is there anybody who has the same
> >> experience?
> >> Anneke from Holland.
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