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Re: [MOL] John, Christine

Hi, John, Cathy our daughter tried to make a "healthy" pie and the sweeting
was honey. We will post this in the next few days. 

A little misunderstanding. Christine, I believe is a beautiful blonde, will
you accept the description, Christine? Our Canadian government uses the
term "aboriginal" on a lot on many forms. Even at work, I am listed on the
"Aboriginal network" to "talk" (e-mail) to other First Nations people
across Canada. The government is trying to get more of us in the federal
government. A lot of us are working in the provincial and tribal
governments as we tend to gravitate to the health professions. For
instance, our family has a lot of ministers, teacher, judges,  nurses,
social workers,lawyers. I don't much like the term either, my parents
prefer just plain old Indian but there is still a lot of on-going debate on
what name as a group we should use among government and native peoples.
This term is accepted across the world and used in global conferences. Our
nervous Nellie is really the oddball as far as not identifying herself as

I loved the quote from Chief Seattle, thank you, John. You must be familiar
with Chief Joseph then. I can feel your appreciation of the wisdom of the
great leaders. The early missionaries did not tolerate any "pagan" rituals.
Some good medicine was lost and a lot went underground and now resurfacing.
As you say, this is a Cancer forum and I will not discuss this further.
Some will ooze through. It is said that all life is a constant battle
between evil and good. God gives each person the a choice on which side he
will fight. If we do not choose, we will be carried along by the moral and
political leaders we have choosen and share their fate. 
God Bless, Jeanne

t 01:43 PM 8/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I enjoyed the description of your journey and the concert.  You have a 
>way with words similar to those of a dear friend who used to be active on 
>this site.  Ron would paint lovely verbel portraits that took us all 
>through the streets of New York City.  You have taken me on a similar 
>journey through the beauty of Port Angeles.  Thank you.
>I must admit being taken back a bit by Christine's and your reluctance to 
>"identify as being of aboriginal origin"...I guess I'm very much out of 
>touch with 'local' attitudes, or more accurately, prejudice.  I have 
>always been attracted to any culture or heritage that respected the 
>earth's environment and had such a clear and deep understanding of man's 
>place in the universe.  My favorite essey is that of Chief Seattle's 
>speech to the Congress of the United States in 1854 in response to a 
>request for the purchase of some land...I'll give but a taste:
>	"The idea is strange to us.
>	If we do not own the freshness of the air and the
>	sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?
>	Every part of this earth is sacred to my people.
>	Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore,
>	every mist in the dark woods, every clearing, and
>	humming insect is holy in the memory and experience
>	of my people.
>	The sap which courses through the trees carries the
>	memories of the red man."
>It reflects a depth and clearity of understanding where man fits into the 
>experience of life and provides a beautiful code to live by.  It is one 
>of the most eloquent treatise on life that I have ever come across, even 
>in my university studies of philosophy.  I believe that the more current 
>society knows and understands about the history and cultural under- 
>pinnings of the Native American culture, the greater will be the proper 
>respect due such an enlightened people.  I am amused by the use of the 
>term 'aboriginal' since it is one more commonly connected to the Native 
>Austrailian who, though probably in a similar position, is portrayed as 
>being more accepted and respected by the current Austrailian society.
>As a child, I grew up in the John Wayne days of Cowboys and Indians and 
>it was not until I became an adult that I understood that Indians were 
>not 'savages' and that the White-man was not the 'good guy'.  I am 
>appauled to think that, in this day and age, there are those that still 
>hold to the old beliefs!..and perpetuate them!!  What a very sad 
>comentary on our society and culture.  I am honored to know you and look 
>forward to learning about some of the Native Healing that is avaliable.  
>I am encouraged by the existence of a wide network of medicine people in 
>Noth America and hope that more knowledge of traditions and beliefs 
>becomes is only through the light of knowledge that the 
>darkness of prejudice can be eliminated.  I would chose to hold that 
>native traditions are becoming relivant to a society that is searching 
>for it's place, rather than that they are simply trendy again.
>Well, I have gone on long enough...besides, aside from overall wellness, 
>this has little to do with our cancer journey.  I look forward to other 
>mini-vacations that you take us on and would love the recipe for the 
>blackberry pie (including the pie shell)...unlike my brother Marty, I 
>have no adversion to sugar!
>God Bless.
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