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Re: [MOL] Some hilarious tombstones via my Wilson genealogy roots-L list/Jea

In a message dated 98-08-06 09:08:15 EDT, you write:

<< Lin,
 That's a great tombstone!  I'm really glad the epitaphs I sent brought
 such joy to your heart.  It's amazing how people can touch each other in
 ways they never anticipated, isn't it?  Thank you for letting me know how
 much that meant to you.  That, in turn, means a lot to me. :-)

It's funny how seemingly "inconsequential" things affect our lives so much.
Your "Tombstone via my Wilson genealogy" certainly  hit home with me at this
particular time and place.....

Since you are into genealogy,  I'm sure you can relate to the many times you
receive a quiery and dump your database to the inquirer then never here from
them again.  It's frustrating isn't it?  But, though I swear "I Ain't gonna do
it agin til they give me sumthin" furst", I keep sending out them
"Gedcom's"....iffin' ya know what I mean.................It's ALL Relative.

Keep up your good work here, Cuzzin; i ain't shure why I'm still connected,
but it's probably 'cause the positive feedback out weighs  the negative impact
on my pore 'lil membank hardrive.....brain.

Here's another scenario for the tombstone epitatph gig:  Suppose I have my
cremated ashes scattered about the cemetery and a tombstone that sez:
"Hereabouts lies Lin Hillis, Keep off his ash."

Gotta go.....BIG meeting in the morn.

Thanks again for making my life brighter.

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