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[MOL] Christine

Hi, Christine, back from vacation to the land of the blooming dollar. Maybe
we should campaign to have the next MOL conference here in Canada next year
if our dollar keeps on taking a dive. Did you know AU dollar is 59 cents to
the US dollar and the NZ was 49c just recently!  

We went to the Splash Symphony concert this year... fabulous.It is a fund
raiser for the Victoria Symphony and it is staged on a barge in the inner
harbour of Victoria. I went down with two chairs and reserved my place at 5
pm. The crowd around was very friendly and we had a terrific time. Very
special with the clear day, the parliament buildings behind and the Empress
Railway Hotel on one side and the harbour view of boats and one tall ship
and all the people, the usual estimate of 40,000. It was so noisy I had
trouble hearing the clarion bells and the canons and fireworks at the end
of the 1812 Overture. Cathy sat on the lower causeway with friends. A
couple of them had gone down at 9 AM to reserve a place. The liked the idea
of watching the day unfold on the waterfront. Vancouver Island and Victoria
(11 pages, August issue) made the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine this year.
Good free advertising and we are getting a lot of Americans this year due
to the falling loonie. Returned to a very lush allotment garden, squash,
zucchini,swiss chard, beans, potatoes, tomatoes mostly. You really notice
the difference by being away for a bit.  We thought we were doing well
until we saw this couple (looked Italian) that had a huge bucket of BIG
beautifully ripe tomatoes. Remarked that they must eat a lot of pasta and
they just beamed! We did pick wild blackberries and have some really
delicious blackberry pies (one made with wholewheat flour 1 to 1 with white
flour and honey and shortening and corn starch. Simple but it was
delicious. Jim made some tarts and took them to work. The hot weather
continues and the fire forest fires are really bad this year in the
interior. How are things your end?
God Bless, Jeanne

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