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[MOL] Lillian back from another mini-vaction

Lillian, my friend, we just returned from Washington (I know, bad time to
go, the loonie was just over 66c to the US dollar) and went on our usual
flower walk... very hot but we did catch the last of this years flowers.
Also visited the wildlife sanctuary near Port Angeles(just a short ferry
ride from Victoria). The sanctuary is a spit with a lighthouse on the end
(about 6 miles) Lovely walking the shoreline watching the waves roll in.
We saw a little seal that had just been born (still the umbilical cord on).
The ranger said it had been born within the last hour. Dined at one of the
National Parks restaurant at Crescent Lake Lodge and Cathy fell in love
with it. The grounds looks a bit seedy but the food is just great. Had some
terrific blackberry pie and we determined to pick our own on our return. We
would like to stay there in one of the little cabins with fireplace one day
and row the lake.  
Still nice to be back as I feel uneasy while away...I miss my daily saunas
though and I usually miss a batch of my pills somehow and overdo it with
the tourist bit. It is easy to pray though and meditate, though. We camped
and we were able to get in some hammock time.... I love to cloud watch and
watch the big trees. We even tried to catch some stars up the mountain
(people take hikes in the dark) on Hurricane Ridge) but the sky was cloudy.
We did manage to visit a local spa which has three hot natural hot pools
and a cold swimming pool. Despite the diagnosis I am living with, I have to
admit this has been a lovely summer for us, I can never escape the thought
that this might be the last time I do whatever I am doing so we try to
squeeze the best out of the experience. It is not really sad or melancholy
but it is rather an enhancement of ordinary experiences we normally take
for granted. 

Lillian, we have been using soy milk in recipes that normally call for milk
and we can't tell the diff. We are going to try using a pancake Mix that
uses 10 different types of grains and seems organic as well.  I hear you
are an wild artist type, I am not surprised, the wild part I mean. I'm glad
to hear that you are you releasing your  agressions in a socially approved
manner (TIC), God Bless your friend Jeanne
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