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Re: [MOL] Suzanne,Carol,Tracy,Donna

Dear Carla and other MOL'ers

You asked me about the book "Choices."  

Heard about this book from several people on the Usenet cancer newsgroup -
everyone who mentioned it spoke of it favorably.

Primarily it is a guidebook for people like me who knew nothing or very
little about cancer.  It is thorough and written in plain language, so I
didn't need a medical dictionary to read it.

It includes chapters on such things as choosing your doctor and hospital,
what questions to ask, how different types of cancers are diagnosed,
various treatment plans, etc.  

This book was originally written in 1980 and has been updated every few
years, the last update being 5 years ago.  While they list all the chemo's
being used at the time, they show navelbine which I take as being
relatively new and not used much - that has changed in 5 years.  But the
list of basic quesitons (about 25 of them) to ask your doctor has not
changed nor has most of the basic information.

The book includes a large portion on information programs, help networks,
insurance commissioners - you name it.  

The authors are Marion Morra and Eve Potts - in paperback it is $15.00
(Avon Books)  I got mine at Barnes and Noble and imagine most major
bookstores carry it.  

Thank you for your love and support Carla - It means so much.  You are in
my prayers at well.


At 10:42 PM 8/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>              P.S.... who is  the author of Choices and what is it about???
>           I pray that you will be able to give it  up soon..      ""    
>On those days when you  feel a little disconcerted... know that I am
>praying for your strong will and  spirit to help you stay a cancering
>survivor...          Just keep on can work  really well... 
>    Love to you  all and God Bless you... Carla   
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