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Re: [MOL] Lillian

In a message dated 98-08-05 23:34:34 EDT, you write:

<< It was so good to see an old familiar e-mail on line, how are you doing
Lin?  How
 is our Diana doing?  Tell her we said "DON"T BE A STRANGER"  Love, Lillian >>


Well, I be fine.   We done had a cold wave hereabouts....wuz only 94 taday.

Dianer?  She be fine two.  She ain't got no 'puter no mo to talk at ye.

We's gonna meet our dotter in NRLNS in a coupla weeks ta get fitted fer our
wedding gowns.

Gots to put Newberry in Gaol whiles we gone.....hopes she don't bites me when
I gits back.

L8tr g8tr,

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