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Re: [MOL] Re: Mary and Angelo

Dear Mary,
There are only two stages of small cell lung cancer, limited and extensive.
I am in a gray area between limited and extensive stages. My cancer is 
only in the one lung [upper/lower lobes of the right lung and hilum
(sp?)] and in the mediastinum to the right of the trachea.  This is
considered limited stage.  However, since the cancer is not entirely 
encompassable in a radial port as most often it is with limited stage,
some experts would classify me as extensive stage. 

My treatment plan will be what pretty much is considered standard for 
small cell:

3-4 courses of cisplatin and etoposide with concurrent radiation - the
bulk of the cancer does fit into a radial port. 

(I am still deciding on the radiation. I am very nervous about having 
the radiation.  However, the research I am reading does favor it.  As a result,
I am sort of leaning in this direction just now, but I am still not 100% sure.
If anyone can advise me about this issue I would really be grateful.)

Hope all is will with your husband, Angelo.  Did your husband smoke
and, if so, did he have a difficult time quitting?  If he has
quit, how did he do it?  I am still battling my addiction as
unbelievable as that may sound. 

Take care and Best Wishes through the remaining chemo and the
radiation to follow.

Peace and all good,

What are the drugs being used in Angelo's chemo treatments? Thanks.

Mary Furfaro wrote:
> Dear Carol,
>   What stage is your lung cancer in?  My husband is Stage lV. Non small
> cell adenocarcinoma.  Are they doing chem?  If so what combination?
> My husband Angelo has two more chemo treatments and then they are
> talking about radiation.
> Love and Prayers,
> Mary

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