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[MOL] Carla

Oh, I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well right now...

Not to worry, I'm sure your scan will go well tomorrow so don't be afraid...  With all the positive thoughts, love and compassion that's surrounding your life, you're protected.

Yes, I love my family a lot and I joined MOL because I wanted to help my younger sister, Maggie.  I've always been protective of my 2 younger siblings.  She was overwhelmed by everything and MOL helps me to understand what they're going through...  I enjoy the messages and of course, I love the warm people your meet here!  I think MOL keeps me in check to what's important in life...

Well, take care Carla and feel well, OK?


P.S.  I'll be 41 in Dec. and I also went braless (which I now regret)and wore hip-hugger hotpants (dyed purple)...