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Re: [MOL] Hello to all...

I'm so sorry you're feeling sick.  It brought to mind a mistake I made
once, though.  When I was in my 8-yr. off/on, up/down relationship w/my
old boyfriend, I got so fed up once (because he hated it that I wouldn't
drink w/him) that I decided I'd just get drunk (I'd never done anything
like that before - and I haven't since then.).  Well, being naive about
it all, I went down to the kitchen and found a bottle of gin and
proceeded to drink it -straight.  Boy, it tasted *awful*!  Still, I was
too scared of the stuff to drink enough to get drunk.  Then I called my
therapist and told her what I'd done.  She said, "Jean, you don't drink
gin straight!"  (or was it vodka??  I can't remember much about it except
that it was white.)  She said, "Don't do that again."  Well, that was all
I needed.  I never tried that again.  Now I'm grateful that it tasted so
horrendous.  So I guess my advice to you is to drink something yukky if
you drink. ;-)  (I guess is *is* sort-of funny.  You'd think the daughter
of an alcoholic would  know more, huh?)

Feel better soon, dear Carla.

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