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RE: [MOL]C. Stephens


There's no doubt in my mind the gum will work, now calm down.  I found out something was wrong (nodule) in June 97.  I stopped smoking 8/13 and had biopsy 9/4, surgery 10/21, then chemo and I'm still here with the cancer but doing ok.  Do some deep breathing.  I am sure someone that is familiar with the hospital you are trying to deal with will write a message and answer you as to whether or not that is the hospitals normal response. 

There was just a message I read here today about the way God sometimes closes doors and opens others, well you put in the footwork and wait a day or so.  Try calling back and if no response start in another direction.  When you are not calm you won't be clear about what is being said.  When you do go to the next doctor whoever that is, try to bring a friend that can take some notes for you.

I would also suggest you contact Marty Auslander on this forum and I am sure he can give you some good suggestions.

I will say a prayer for you and know that no matter which way it goes You will be ok.

Your friend     June