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RE: [MOL] Lillian


I am doing good.  When I get into work on Monday I have soooo many emails to go thru as I am sure you know..  Then I answer some, plus I do have to fill that in with my job,  Hmmmmm.  So, I have been on today.

I only sent my films in to Staten Island on Friday, regular mail as I didn't have the money for FedX.  I also hear over the Mol line that Staten Island is pretty busy these days.  I'll hear in God's time.  Even if it's a go I still have questions because of the emphysema.  I don't want to compromise my breathing - so we will see.

Thanks for thinking of me.  By the way I sent for that $275. report of Ralph Moss, Phd. and his first alternative suggestion is Sun Soup.  They don't give you the recipe but a friend of mine at work makes soup often and he gave it a try using about 1/2 of the ingredients, so I have been eating that for lunch on weekdays.  The doctor that owns and runs this Sun Soup place supposedly cured his mother of NSCLC with this soup.  You begin to wonder.  But the ingredients are healthy, those we can find, so I'm trying.

Take care.  Your friend June