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[MOL] Joke!

Bill Clinton and his driver were cruising along a country road one
>> >>>> night
>> >>>> when all of a sudden they hit a pig, killing it instantly. Bill
>> >>>> his
>> >>>> driver to go up to the farm house and explain to the owners what
>> >>>> happened.
>> >>>>
>> >>>>  About 1 hour later Bill sees his driver staggering back to the
>> >>>> with a
>> >>>> bottle of wine in one hand, a cigar in the other and his clothes
>> >>>> ripped
>> >>>> and torn.
>> >>>>
>> >>>> "What happened to you", asked Bill.
>> >>>>
>> >>>> Well, the Farmer gave me the wine, his wife gave me the Cigar
>> >>>> 19
>> >>>> year old daughter made mad passionate love to me.
>> >>>>
>> >>>> "My God, what did you tell them", asks Clinton.
>> >>>>
>> >>>> The driver replies, "I'm Bill Clinton's driver, and I just
>> >>>> pig".

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