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>From the start I had wanted SRS.  It has a high success rate for shrinking
tumors.  More so than traditional radiation.  Now let me try to explain this.
With standard radiation healthy cells and tissue are destroyed along with the
tumor.  With SRS, it has been found to be so accurate that there is virtually
no healthy tissue destroyed. What I am praying and hoping on is that my tumor
can be shrinked to a point of where it can be surgically removed.  With
standard radiation there is a very short window of opportunity from the time
that you finish radiation to when the tumor can be removed due to build-up of
scar tissue.  Normally, this is within 6 weeks after radiation.  With SRS the
build-up of scar tissue is much less since it does not affect the healthy
tissue and cells.  I belive that SRS will give me a better shot on that window
of opportunity.  Another thing to consider is chemo.  I will have to start
that as well, so....if for some reason I do not handle chemo well and surgery
is not an option in that short window, I am out of luck.  Does that make
sense?  Well it did to me.  My ultimate goal would be for SRS to eliminate the
tumor altogether however that may not be the case, but I feel that it will
give me a better shot at traditional surgery which is the best option for me. 

Take care,

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