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I was wondering how you had come to the decision of SRS over PDT?  What did they say when you called the PDT 800# that Mary gave you?  Did they say you were a candidate for this therapy?

I was under the impression that if you opt for SRS you wouldn't be having any surgery to remove the tumor as SRS was a non-invasive surgery...

Your friend,
Liz Gioia

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It is great to hear from you.  My tumor is located on my right lung in the
upper lobe. It is located very close to the trachea.  In fact, once the doctor
at Hopkins showed me (he was the first to really show me) I understood fully
well what was going on.  My trachea looks like that black hole Suzanne was
talking about(LOL), located in the middle of my tumor.  It is not small.  One
doctor called it huge, and I said excuse me?  Even though it is 4.8 x4.0 cm.,
I have heard of much larger ones.  I am confident they will be able to remove
it once they treat it with radiation.  Again, it is not touching the trachea,
just very close.... As I have said before, I feel like a piece of real estate,
location, location, location.......... 

I too had difficulty quitting and I am still fighting the urge. I succombed to
my addiction more times than I care to admit.  It's like this, they say OK
you've got this cancer and maybe 1-2 years and oh by the way you must quit
smoking immediately.  Yeah right!!!!! Just what my nerves need.  My insurance
would not cover the patch.....I had to start switching around from brand to
brand.  This is the old Smoke Enders Way.  You pick the worst tasting brands
and has worked. Oh and also, you take a piece of paper
put the hours of the day, 1, 2,3 ,4 , etc. and you note how many cigarettes
you smoked during that hour.  You keep this paper attached to each pack of
cigarettes you might have.  I used a rubber band.  Each day you look to see
how many you smoked during that hour the day before and try to smoke really does work.  Within 1-2 weeks you can wean yourself from

I am reading Bernie Siegel's, Love, Medicine and Miracles.  In it, there is a
story he tells about a lady he went to see in the hospital. Now I'm trying to
remember it...  She was suffering from cancer. He walked in and she was
smoking.  He said, You love yourself?  Tell yourself that that you love
yourself.  The woman replied, Oh I love myself, I just don't adore myself
yet..LOL!!!! She did eventually quit.  Now I keep telling myself that I love
myself when I get that urge!!!! But I am like that lady, I have a hard time
adoring myself. I'll get there.

Carla, did you have any pain in your chest prior to your surgery and
radiation?  They are telling me my pain is due to the tumor pressing on a
nerve in my shoulder and on the bronchi? Does that sound right?  Also, I am
extremely fatigued. I have tried to fight it but it just won't go away. The
sooner I get radiation the better off I will be...Also, you opted not to go
with chemo.  Could you share your reasons with me?  I would appreciate
anything you could offer.

Take care for now,

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