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[MOL] Suzanne,Carol,Tracy,Donna

Suzanne, so glad that you have joined us!  I am a NSCLC survivor of 9 months and had surgery to remove the right lung.  I think that I will always remember the shock and devastation of learning that this wasn't something that you could just treat and it would be over and go away..  So I am on the cancering journey and working as best I can to be a long term survivor..  I don't believe that there is any one answer for all of us, but I do believe in diet, exercise, mind, spirit, faith and love...  and plain old fashioned determination and bull headedness...  I can tell that you do too and it blesses my heart when I see others just lock in and go!!  Besides people who end up with purple hair.. always get their way!! LOL!!  (just kidding!)  P.S.... who is the author of Choices and what is it about??? 
Carol, I hope you will be able to quit smoking.. You asked for advice on how and I will tell you how I did it, but I don't recommend it for anyone else!!  From the point that I found out I had a tumor and heard the C word, I started on Zyban and cutting back alot...  The day before surgery, I had 3 and I had 1/2 of one the day of surgery...  When I woke up with only one lung and had to learn to breath all over again... I never smoked another...  The truth is that it still smells enticing...so I try to avoid those who are smoking.. you know out of sight out of mind!!  It isn't easy, but it is a very good thing to get away from...  I wish now that I hadn't smoked all those years....but I did and that is over and life goes on....  I pray that you will be able to give it up soon..
Tracy, You know that I am with you and plan to live a long life...  No matter what they say or what odds are posted and bantered about!  I won't go until it is my time and I won't leave by statistics!  What is the book "The Cancer Recovery Eating Plan" by Nixon like...??  Is it one of those books that I give you ideas of real food???  I just can't turn into a Tofu Junkie... try as I may.. once a week so far is enough!!  LOL!!  On those days when you feel a little disconcerted... know that I am praying for your strong will and spirit to help you stay a cancering survivor...
Donna, where exactly is your tumor located that they can't remove it?  I know that mine was located in the Bronchus and lay right up against the pulmonary artery.. The second surgeon I saw said it was very possible that I would just have to be closed up after the biopsy..but, the third surgeon...went for it and I am very glad that he did...  Someday I will ask him more about it.. but think I will wait until my 12 month checkup!!  Don't want to hurry these things!!  LOL!!  You will do fine my friend....  Just keep on believing....it can work really well...
Well my lung cancering survivor friends... you know that you will be in my prayers and I know that we can all help eachother to wake up each day as a cancering survivor and live it well.  You know, I too think that this was a lesson that I needed to learn and in my learning, I pray that I will share with others...  Love to you all and God Bless you... Carla