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Re: [MOL] Carla

I will be praying for good results for you on Monday. I am usually up on
the computer late as well, haven't been going to bed until 2:00-2:30 myself
lately. If you can't sleep, drop me a line.Please note my new email
address. Thanks.

At 12:20 AM 01/08/98 -0400, you wrote:
>        the problem is that I  don't seem to get on the computer until late
>for the most part..       The chest ex-rays,  they don't ever share
>anything on and so I will get the results on Monday when I  meet with my
>oncologist..         LOL!!          ""     Right now, just allow the day to
>be and be open to what it has to  show you...      :-)     the  3 couples
>joke!!!   Three couples were on their way to a party  in a minivan one
>winter evening, and as they were rounding the turn the  driver
>lost control of the vehicle, which ran off the road and down  a
>hillside, bursting into flame and killing everyone inside.
>Very  shortly thereafter, the three couples appeared before St.
>Peter  pointed an accusing finger at one of the men and said,
>"   You
>drank every morning,  every evening, on the weekends, at
>"   You thought of
>  Everything in your life had to do  with greed,
> ""
>         Carla     

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