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Re: [MOL] Cost of Insurance

I know you are right. I am dreading seeing the bills for what my insurance
doesn't cover. The whole concept of preferred provider is a little nutty. I
received one statement where, because my doctor wasn't a preferred provider
they would only pay 60 percent of what they would normally pay a preferred
provider. Then they said the charges were out of line for normal service in
the area so that is my responsibility. What it came down to is for a bill
of about $650 I am responsible for about $500. What kind of insurance is
that? Is it any wonder people end up in bankruptcy? Fortunately my hospital
is a preferred provider. My overnight stay and hospital care is $5,100. I
haven't received the surgeon's bill yet.

I have to pay for my prescriptions and the insurance company reimburses me
their share. Fortunately I have always had the money to do it or the credit
available on my credit card. What happens to people who don't? My coverage
is through the college where I teach. It should be pretty good since it is
backed by the state, but I am not impressed.


Liz P. Of Yakima

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