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[MOL] Lillian

Hi Lillian,
Actually I only have one "blood grandchile" but he has a little brother
from the mom's second marriage. Since both grandma's live in Washington
state and the kids "dad" is stationed in San Diego in the Navy, I decided
long ago that it would not be fair to bring only the one child to
"grandma's" for the summer, so I asked my ex daughter-in-law to send them
both so their other grandma and I could share them for the summer. My son
lives at my home so it is really his visitation, but the kids love to come
and see us and their uncle and aunt on their mom's side. My grandson is
almost 13. His little brother is 8. They are great kids, very easy to have

I know how important this exercise of the arm is. That doesn't mean I have
to like it. I have always hated exercise for the sake of exercise, but I do
not want my shoulder to be frozen so I am doing it, usually.

I envy your artistic ability.  I have never had any skill in an artistic
sense, at least not arts and/or crafts. I have designed sets for plays, but
I would never win any awards with them.
Take care

Liz P. Of Yakima

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