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[MOL] John :-)

John, there are times when we are feeling strong and times when we are not.  I sure know both sides of this coin!  I feel blessed right now for all of the positive energy and faith flowing through me right now and I am so happy to share it, because I have been a member of this forum for awhile and I was so fed with inspiration from people like you, Marty, Diana, Torie, Barbara, Lisa and so many more.  This is a site where you can feel proud to be a part of the sharing and we all share.  I have had times when I was down, and the words appeared from someone here that picked me up.  I have had times when I felt I would never understand all of this, and the words of explanation appeared from someone else. I have had times when I turned on my computer with tears in my eyes and someone here made me smile.  So I guess what I am saying is that everyone here gives to others and I pray that I can be like everyone else sharing what is going on with me today and hopefully touching someones heart when they need it, as I know that mine will be touched here when I need it to be.  God Bless you and your family and may you feel sure that the New Year will bring you joy and happiness.........      Carla