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Re: [MOL] Hey John!

I forgot to tell you where I am located.  Cincinnati, Ohio .  Wanted
> to let you get ready for when I come calling on you for information!
> LOL!   Have a great day!

Dear Carla,

I must say I am quite taken with your zest and sense of are 
truly a great addition to this site!  I am listing two National Cancer 
Institute supported Cancer Centers located in Ohio.  You may want to 
check both out.  By the way (if you havn't figured out already) I tend 
toward traditional medicine and treatment while Marty tends towards the 
more natural/alternative methods.  We believe there is room and a place 
for both and like the body and spirit, you don't have life without both. 

Hope the following info helps. 

1. Case Wester Reserve University
   University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center
   11100 Euclid Ave., Wearn 151
   Cleveland, Ohio 44106-5065
   James K. V. Willson, MD, Director
   Tel: 216-844-8562
   Fax: 216-844-7832
   Website address
			They are a Clinical Cancer Center

2. Ohio State University
   Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital
   Comprehensive Cancer Center
   300 West 10th Ave., Suite 519
   Columbus, Ohio 43210-7048
   Clara D. Bloomfield, MD, Director
   Tel: 614-293-7048
   Fax: 614-293-3132
   Website address
			They are a Comprehensive Cancer Center (both
			clinical and basic research is conducted)

I hope this information helps you.  Please keep up the good work.  You 
have a marvelous spirit and bring a true smile to my face.

God Bless.
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