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[MOL] The hero, Hydrazine Sulfate and "nearing death awareness"

Martin, thanks so much for your thorough response. This network is 
such a wonderful vehicle (for many reasons).
   Hydrazine Sulfate is a "hero" in my family -- let me make that 
clear. It DID have positive effects on my father. He experienced 
weight GAIN and renewed hope and  energy for a brief time. But, his 
cancer seemingly was too aggressive and he started his regime perhaps 
too late. My mother's experience thus far has been ONLY WONDERFUL. 
The side effects I mention are mostly good ones (i.e., lack of major 
pain, weight gain, energy, inspiration, etc.). When my father died, 
she experienced appropriate boughts of depression. The Hospice nurse 
wanted her to begin anti-depressants -- NOT HER! She would have 
nothing to do with any diet or medicine that would interfere with her 
new "friend!" I wrote to this network to request dietary advice from 
those who have had longer-term experience with the drug. Mother is 
finding she cannot deviate AT ALL from the suggested diet without 
experiencing direct reactions to her eating habits. So, do you (or 
anyone else) know of other dietary suggestions?
    My parents were always proponents of alternative healthcare 
resources. My one brother -- in fact -- IS a doctor, but an osteopath 
(DO) -- of which we are all quite pleased, rather than an MD).
   We work quite closely as a family -- which since both of their 
illnesses has served to bring us together, rather than apart (I 
believe such crises bring to light both strengths and weaknesses and 
God has been generous in his contribution of strength).  My father 
died as he wished and with us all at his side. My mother, all-but 
bed-bound, got herself to the Hospice care facility and held his hand 
until the end. We, I believe, did a good job of managing that 
experience. Dad most certainly spent his last month in what Hospice 
calls "nearing death awareness." His doctors called him 
hallucinogenic, we knew differently -- that he was experiencing the 
bridge between "worlds" instead. (I would be happy to discuss 
this further with anyone -- it made THE difference knowing 
that Dad's "ramblings" were meaningful messages.) 
   Anyway, we are working very hard to balance all of my mother's 
wishes with the very best we can provide her in comfort, care and 
support. My mother is an amazingly spirtual and brilliant woman who 
is facing her biggest challenge -- not dying, but instead, losing 
   We are working very hard to reduce stresses, focus on positive 
thinking and stimulate my mother's interests, albeit limited now with 
her physical restrictions.
   Martin, I will offer to her your suggestion about seeking a 
naturopath to do a physiological assessment. I am confident that can 
only help. As far as obtaining a second opinion -- that's all been 
done. My mother is VERY pleased with the healthcare she is receiving 
-- both from her doctor and Hospice. However, we shall and will 
continue to actively seek-out additional treatments and 
methodologies, as you suggest (partly why I hooked-up to this list).  
   Again, thanks. Mary

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Dear Mary,

YOur FAther and MOther are two different individuals as you and I or
anyone might be. Even if two individuals were cloned exactly the same,
a typical drug would still react differently because of the way it
would be administered or prescribed and if two individuals were the
same, the composition and attitude of those two would always be
different. So while Hydrazine Sulfate works for one or not does not
mean necessarily that it is or isnt' working for the other and yes I
hear in your voice and words about the loss of your Father and what
your Mother is experiencing.  I have learned and researched the effect
of loss or toxic stress on ones life to impair or limit the health
recovery in ones body because of attitudes and emotions and anxieties
as a result of circumstances that are ongoing and certainly for your
Mom, your Father was that circumstance that may have triggered the
tumor marker to react.  But be assured tumor markers go up and go down
with change of attitude and less toxic stress on the persons mind,
thereby allowing the mind to help heal the body. This is proven fact.

So now how do we accomplish the feat of helping make your Mom better?
You stated as well that she is experiencing side effects that may or
may not be as a result of H. S. (hydrazine sulfate). As a matter of
fact, sometimes these side effects may be a result of emotions that
one experiences due to loss or may be a combination of both.

May I suggest this: We need to reduce hers and your level of stress.
Loss is always, always an event that is stressful for loved ones,
especially family. When these events or circumstances occur, somehow
we need to dig down deeper and try to overcome, because the one that
we lost, would not want to be the cause of our decline in health, as I
don't believe that would be Gods will either.

The first we need to address is the changing of lifestyle or the
stress factor and/or the negative emotions that she is experiencing
and feeling. That is accomplished by  reading such very meaningful
books as the Dr. Bernie Siegels books or Carl Simontons books and so
many others, but one at a time. These tend to begin to bring us Hope
initially. WE then get her active in the things that she loves to do,
to be around, to keep her busy so that her mind is therapeutically
acting to love of and purpose of living. It takes time and patience on
yours and hers will and dedication. And you must believe that there is
always plenty of time.

The second: To seek out a good holistic/naturalpath that will take
many tests to determine the deficiencies in her body so that a good
plan of nutrition and diet and exercise is made available to her so
that she maintains all the essentials in her body while she is
receiving any conventional therapy. It is not good enough just to give
her those things, in terms of nutrition and supplements, that we read
about. Every human being is different and the immune system for each
is different. So we need to know what is lacking in her body, in order
to prescribe the correct dietary foods and supplements she requires.
If you wish, I can give you the names and phone numbers of places to
call in the country for information.

The third is to continue researching for conventional and alternative
methods, and continue asking questions of the many experts and caring
people of this list so that we can follow your Mothers progress and be
able to support. A Second opinion would also be recommended. You may
wish to call the N.C. I. at 1-800-4cancer for names of comprehensive
hospitals in your area for other opinions.

I wish I could add more, but i believe I am getting windbagged again.
Take care dear lady. WE are here for you and i hope this info. helps

God Bless and keep us posted on your findings and decisions.

Marty Auslander

Mary Zimnik wrote:
> I recently lost my father to a very aggressive lung cancer (diagnosed
> late March; died Nov. 1). My mother was diagnosed with breast-to-bone
> cancer in March of 1996. Her prognosis is far different than my
> father's with such different cancer types. The cancer has spread to
> her bones and she is confined mostly to bed (but enjoys wonderful
> Hospice support, as did my father). Anyway, both my parents attempted
> the use of hydrazine sulfate, following my one brother's suggestion
> (he is a doctor). My father's condition was so severe (the cancer
> spread quickly to his brain) that it is difficult to determine the
> impact of the drug. However, prior to his dramatic decline (late
> Sept.), he experienced weight gain and renewed vitality. My confidence
> in his experience is that if nothing else, the drug gave him a relief
> from the wasting-away syndrome for just a short while before the
> disease attacked in full force. My mother -- a quite different matter
> -- is experiencing SIGNIFICANT blessings from the hydrazine sulfate
> regime. Her oncologist is supportive of her taking the medicine,
> although wishes she would resume chemo. (she left such treatment after
> a couple doses depleted her white-cell count to dangerous levels). I
> wish to report that her experience thus far has been amazing. She has
> gained weight and has no appetite disorder. In fact, she has
> recognized dramatic energy shifts and relief from depression as a
> result of continuing her use of hydrazine sulfate, we are confident.
> She has been able to eliminate the injections she had to take
> regularly to boost both red and white blood cell count -- which is
> QUITE SIGNIFICANT. Her tumor markers seemed to experience a
> leveling-off. But the cause is difficult to determine. Since my
> father's death, her tumor markers have increased again. However, I
> feel that could be due to our, her, loss. For someone who should be in
> terrible pain, she has managed to stay away from harsh narcotics --
> much to her oncologist's amazement. The source of this blessing, too,
> is difficult to determine. She is experimenting with diet control and
> finds that she shouldn't deviate from the suggested diet, for she
> experiences ill effects (dizziness, nausia, etc.) She asked me to pose
> the question "out there" to anyone who has further dietary advice.
> Mother has been using the hydrazine sulfate for approximately four
> months. Thanks for your attention, Mary Zimnik
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