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Re: [MOL] breast cancer met. pain relief

Steve Briggs wrote:
> Several years ago, my mother-in-law had a mastectomy.  Two years later the
> cancer returned to her uterus. A hysterectomy was performed with no chemo.
> The cancer has since spread to the lung and now the bone (rib area)  I have
> already lost my dad and mom (in Aug) to cancer.  My main concern right now
> is the pain my mother in law is experienceing in her rib area.  She has
> undergone radiation and is presently taking a morphine derivative.  What are
> her alternatives in terms of pain relief?  Something other than a morphine
> derivative?
> Stephen M. Briggs
Dear STeve,

I am no physician, but I know that if it is a bone disease then a
product called Aredia, that is prescribed by the oncologist is possible
as it fills in the bone loss and relieves pain. If it is tumor that is
pressing against tissue or organs, I don't know what to suggest. I
believe it would be necessary to seek out 2nd opinions for this or find
an expert in pain management, preferably one who knows oncology.  Sorry
I am not additional help.

YOu may also wish to call the N.C.I at 1-800-4cancer for 2nd opinions in
your area or call a good reputable hospice to seek out their opinion for
pain management or comfort.

God Bless
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