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Re: [MOL] vaccine

ken naehring wrote:
> A friend of mine called tonight to see if I had seen Entertainment
> tonight yesterday, 12/29/97.  She has small cell lung cancer and her
> sister said there was something on ET about a vaccine that is for
> patients who have cancer.  Her sister thought it was at Duke in New
> York.  Anyway, I told her I would post this to see if anyone has any
> idea as to what the announcement was.  Thanks.....  Carla


Yes, I caught bits and pieces of it as well. They are taling about a
vaccine, for now primarily being administered to Prostate and advanced
breast cancer. But in many cases many of these treatments will be
administered to other survivors with varying diseases. Sounds very
positive and reassuring.  We have come a long way, and I believe shortly
will make dramatic advances to the cure of cancer. God willing

God Bless YOu All
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