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Re: [MOL] inspiration

Dear Carla,

You may wish to call your provide and ask them to help you change names
or for an additional $10.00 per month you can have both names. there
would be one account but two separate e-mail addresses. YOu can change
your address by this additional charge to your provider, but if not they
can help you change it. I am the worst of the worst computer
illiterates, so I just called my provider, earthlink, and they guided me
through the change. It was not difficult.

The more that joins our list, the domino effect will beat disease faster
than the advent of new meds. From my lips to Gods ears.

Take care dear lady. God Bless


ken naehring wrote:
> Marty, thanks so much for reiterating so many things that are important to
> survival.  Like you, I ate wrong and am just now starting to learn how to
> eat, which by the way I am entertaining menu's, recipes and suggestions!  I
> have always been a type A personality in the workplace and that didn't ease
> when I opened my own business and once I did that I didn't have time to keep
> many friendships that didn't evolve around the business.  After opening my
> store I lived on fast food and snacks.   I didn't know God until 2 years
> ago.  I have had quite a few toxins invading my life as well.  Now I want to
> learn how to shed what is bad and be stronger and smarter about what is good
> for me. I feel so blessed to have found this site, in fact I was sharing
> this with the technician that did my PET scan (Jason) and I hope that he
> joins in.  This forum is so important to me and all of the people are such a
> blessing and it does my heart good to feel so much love and compassion for
> all who are here.
> I wish that all doctors would atleast ready some of the wonderful literature
> that I am finding.  If my primary care provider had, I think I would have
> started this whole thing with more hope.  Don't misunderstand my thoughts of
> my primary care provider...she is very good, but I could have used a little
> more positive launch.  I will tell her of some of the books the next time we
> meet, as I think she will be seeing more cancer in others and then maybe she
> will teach them hope too.
> Marty, I am not computer literate enough to know how to get my husbands name
> replaced with mine in this forum, but I would appreciate any help.  It is
> important to me to use my name as I share with others here, afterall I am
> the one who has cancer and plans to survive.  If you or anyone can tell me
> how, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks so much!     ......Carla
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> From: Martin Auslander <>
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> Date: Tuesday, December 30, 1997 9:04 AM
> Subject: Re: [MOL] inspiration
> >ken naehring wrote:
> >>
> >> Barbara, Torie, Lisa, Marty and John... and everyone else.  I received
> >> a book for Christmas called Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul.  As I
> >> began reading the introduction I knew that I had to share a few
> >> exerpts.
> >>
> >> Intro pg. xix:  "When the idea of this book was born, it was about
> >> suriving cancer, but as it took shape, we realized that it was really
> >> a book about life.  In fact, eight million cancer survivors out there
> >> have discovered things about life that most of the rest of us have not
> >> yet learned."..........................
> >> "At least once a day we sit back and say, "We are so lucky". Because
> >> of this book we are not the same people we were."
> >>
> >> into pg. xx:" Our priorities are clearer now.  We share our feelings
> >> more openly, we take our vitamins and herbs more regularly, we eat
> >> better, we meditate and do yaga more often, we pray with more
> >> conviction and we love with more openness.  Our daily disciplines are
> >> stronger, our co-dependent behaviors are weaker and our desires to
> >> follow our own inner directives are stronger.  We laugh more often,
> >> take more time for play, worry less about pleasing others and know
> >> more clearly than ever that each day is a treasured gift to br lived
> >> to the fullest."..................
> >> "We thank all of you who have been challenged by cancer because your
> >> struggles and insights have deepened our own understandings about
> >> life, love and spirituality."
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> I found this uplifting and I hope that you do too.  God Bless you all.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >Dear Ken,
> >
> >The book probably should be read along with many other books that we
> >recommend for initial reading when any experience or is touched in some
> >way with a major disease. Thank you for sharing that with us.  It is so
> >true, at least we feel that way. I just wish I could at times convince
> >those poor souls that are first diagnosed or the caregivers that there
> >is HOPE  so that the benefits derived from the disease comes earlier to
> >them rather than later. This book actually should be read by all human
> >beings who indulge and take for granted a little too much about life and
> >its meaning. In our case, we ate the wrong things, we were in total
> >toxic stress from work from our lifestyle, working, and our friends and
> >friendships were limited.  The relationship we had with God was almost
> >non-existant. I wonder even had we read that book while we were healthy,
> >we would understand and make changes. I don't know. I only know that the
> >book is profound and meaningful and as long as there are books like this
> >and people like you to provide us with this glorious information of
> >HOPE  and gratitude, then the world is a better place.
> >
> >God Bless YOu Ken and to all my friends. Stay well and be well.
> >
> >Marty Auslander
> >-\
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